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Explore the benefits of yoga, specialty classes, private instruction, and corporate programming.


In Sanskrit, Yoga means union and the practice of yoga unites the body with the mind and soul; our simpler selves with our greater TRUTH. Through the postures, breath, and meditation, we are able to let go of the prison of our thoughts and anxieties and find our place in the greater flow. Too much? Then just come for the workout and stretching - I promise that you’ll feel healthier and happier and you might just want to stay and learn more. 

Yoga ~ Find your Zen


Better Sleep, Improved Concentration, Reduced Stress and Anxiety are just a few.

Click here to learn more about the many benefits of practicing yoga.

Private Appointments

 Do you want to learn yoga in a private setting? Do you have particular poses you’d like to master? Do you need time for yourself? Sessions start at just $80.

Corporate Yoga

The benefits of corporate yoga include Increased Productivity, Reduced Stress, Improved Teamwork and more.  


Stress Management




Injury/Pain Prevention & Alleviation