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Wholesome Recipes

Your go to stop for recipes for foods to support your physical, mental and energetic wellbeing and balance.  How you nourish your body, is how you nourish your mind and spirit. These recipes are easy, accessible, delicious and keep us healthy, happy and whole!

Mimi's Red Lentil Soup

Sally S Bruno

Full of protein and a variety of nutritious and elemental benefits, this soup warmed and nourished my body and spirit since childhood.  If I were in the mood, I would toast a slice of chewy bread (gluten free is always an option!) and dip it in the soup to savor the contrast in texture and flavors.  The key, according to Mimi, my mother, is to make sure no one ingredientoverpowered the rest, to add just enough to accentuate the taste of the lentils, but not overpower.  She is fond of adding handfuls and stalks of whatever might be in her fridge (spinach, kale, celery, squash) but always keeping it balanced. 

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