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Grateful Feels Good


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Grateful Feels Good

Sally S Bruno

Gratitude is the best Medicine. It Heals your Mind, Your Body, Your Spirit and Attracts More things to be Grateful for.  

Esterillos in my Heart

Its easy to feel and connect to gratitude when something good happens to us: a promotion, the birth of a baby, taking the trip of your dreams. 

Its not so easy to connect to that same gratitude when feeling the heaviness of the world: the loss of a loved one, going through a divorce, living with depression.  

And yet that is the exact time when gratitude is most needed and most potent

When we can be thankful for what we have outside of the source of our stress... I may be going through a divorce yet I am still grateful for my beautiful baby girl, my job, my health, my passion for life.... or better yet when we can be

thankful for the stressor itself 

... like when that driver cuts me off and I want nothing more than to unleash my righteous road rage on his a#$, that is exactly the perfect moment for me to practice the patience and compassion I have been asking to cultivate in my life. 



So instead of cursing and screaming like a mad woman, I am given the opportunity to take a breath, send a smile, and let the anger and high vibrating aggressive energy just roll right through me and out, fizzling into nothingness as I return to a steady state of peace.  When we can do that... well that is when we connect to 

the infinite Love & Wisdom within our Hearts,

the limitless Love and Potential  the Universe holds for us.


So this November, as I have done for the past seven years I am inviting my friends and community to join me as we share our gratitude for all things big and small.  Take time to jot it down, whether in a journal or in a more public form.  When we take the time each day to express our gratitude and reflect upon it, we start to nourish it, allowing it to grow and fill us with liquid gold of peace, love and hope.  We start to really see all the blessings we already have.  To acknowledge the gifts our challenges truly represent.  We feed the good we have with energy and attention and allow it to organically fill and uplift us and prepare us for even greater things to come.

Pure Joy

I am honored that the NJ Yoga Collective has teamed up with  our very own Flow Paddle Yoga to turn this invitation into a practice we can share far and wide.  Together we can connect to gratitude and uplift our spirits and uplevel our outlook on life.

Enter to win a free week of yoga at one of our 22 participating studios join our online Sharing Immersion via Facebook or Instagram by joining.

Details at NJ Yoga Collective