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One World, One Love


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One World, One Love

Sally S Bruno

To him in whom love dwells, the whole world is but one family.
— Buddha

Let me first say thank you to everyone.  The outpouring of support and desire to help and welcome the families that have been brought here is truly amazing.  My heart is full and faith in humanity reinvigorated by the love that is being shared.  People of all walks of life and backgrounds have reached out.  Particularly moving was the personal messages I received from those who had once been refugees themselves.  One woman who fled her home country over 40 years ago shared how she still remembered the first time she smelled a bottle of Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo. And here she is 40 some years later doing what she can to help others fin their new home and start a new life. Breathtaking.

Below is a list of resources and ways to help.  We will be holding a fundraiser at Root Hot Yoga on January 14th 1:45 - 3 pm to help raise funds needed to transport and deliver furniture and larger items.  You can Register Here. We are working to get one centralized location to coordinate ongoing efforts so please check back. And as always feel free to email me with questions . Love and light to all ~ Sally



Tutoring in Elizabeth and Roselle:

Contact Leila at


Cothing Donations:

Smile Charity, based in Passaic, has many refugee families as clients. They often invite them to pick out whatever clothing donations they have. Clothing can be offered by first calling them at: Call (973) 440-9360. They are at 39 Hoover Ave in Passaic.


Donations of laptops, hygiene and cleaning supplies (shampoos, soaps, deoderants, diapers, household cleaning, etc.) area rugs, and household appliances (ie: blenders, vacuums, microwaves), baking trays, pots/pans, and blankets in this weather are always requested and are what's generally most needed.


Counseling refugee families:

Contact the IRC based in Elizabeth

Another option is to reach out to Wafa House in Passaic:


In Hudson County, BBNJ is a good organization that also helps refugees coming from all over. 

600 Palisade Ave, Unit 203

Union City, New Jersey

Call (201) 667-2265

They are also active on facebook.



General Supplies Needed

Refugees in Georgia

Winter Items in Jersey City