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We Rise By Lifting Others


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We Rise By Lifting Others

Sally S Bruno

" We rise by lifting others." ~ Robert Ingersall

Many of you know I've been helping to gather items for Syrian refugee families being resettled in NJ.  We made the first delivery the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I spoke with one of the organizers to find out more ways we can help.  Below is a list of items needed, ways you can volunteer your time and skills/knowledge, places where you can purchase and send items directly to the families. Also some background information

Items Needed: 

- Hygiene products: personal & home, including but not limited to: diapers, face & body soap, shampoo, deodorant, dish soap, household cleaners (HIGH PRIORITY)

- Blankets & Winter Clothes (HIGH PRIORITY)


- Computers & TVs (HIGH PRIORITY)

- Dishes, utensils, mugs, cups

- Appliances

- Furniture (as of now there is no delivery service available so must be able to deliver to Jersey City or Elizabeth

- And in general any household items, clothing, toys


If you would like to volunteer your time, we need people to help:

- Sort & deliver clothing and other items

- Teaching English

- and this is more long term and involved but we need help providing PTSD treatment

- Help with transportation (for work, groceries, etc)


There are at least 40 families we are working with.  They are being resettled here by the International Rescue Committee, Church World Services and other NGOs. 

When they arrive they are given an apartment, a bed, a couch, a table.  Volunteers have organized to raise funds and provide each family with a small set of dishes, 1 carpet, a set of curtains.  They are given food stamps (which do not cover hygiene or any non-food item) and a small stipend and have a counselor that meet with them once.  Beyond that they have no formal support or organization. 

In some communities they have been embraced by the host community, who have provided them with all the extra support they needed.  In the other communities, they still need a lot of help (this is where we are stepping in).  The vast majority want to and are able to work but a) they don’t speak English and b) suffer from some form of PTSD and need some extra support and assistance to navigate acclimating to life here.

So as we work to get their longterm personal and social needs met so they can become self-sufficient, we are helping to collect extra dishes, household items and everything listed above.  Also registries have been created for those who want to buy and send items directly.



General Supplies Needed

Refugees in Georgia

Winter Items in Jersey City




As winter settles upon us, as we start gathering for holidays and celebration, take the time to help those in need.  Be grateful for our health, family, homes, works, all ways we connect and serve.  Share your blessings. Because doing so only expands our hearts and good fortune even more.

Lokah Samista Sukinoh Bavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free; May my actions always contribute to their happiness and freedom.

Call me, Sally at 732-823-9642 with any questions or to schedule a time to volunteer.